One of the main reasons for attracting external IT consulting specialists is the need for large-scale automation projects, after which there is no need for attracted resources.


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IT consulting specialists, as a rule, have the experience and knowledge of the industry specifics

Lack of organizational support for the implementation of information technology at the top level. 
In most companies, one can see a lack of attention to proposals for Sugar Land IT consulting services and related information technologies, which, as a rule, is caused by the principle “there is no prophet in your homeland”. Whereas, the opinion of an external IT consulting specialist is very often weighty for top managers, and therefore, the use of external consultants allows you to give work a higher status and get a way to influence management through joint decisions of internal and external specialists. However, you need to understand that when implementing IT solutions, the interest of business leaders is important, due to the many changes that will have to be made to current business processes and the need to assess the business benefits obtained, since if an IT solution is being implemented based on "fashion trends", and not based on the needs of the business, then no organizational support will add to the effectiveness of the company.

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To assess the efficiency and relevance of IT solutions, there are methods for calculating the return on investment (ROI) and the total cost of ownership (TCO) of an information system. Therefore, if it is necessary to justify measures for the implementation of information systems or other projects, an independent calculation of ROI and TCO with the help of IT consulting specialists can facilitate decision-making at the top level. However, the practice of using them shows that sometimes these coefficients justify a negative decision, therefore, the completeness of the methodology, as well as the experience of its application, can be of decisive importance.


Lack of qualified internal resources to carry out projects.
One of the main reasons for attracting external IT consulting specialists is the need for large-scale automation projects, after which there is no need for attracted resources. At the stages of describing and improving business processes before the implementation of IT solutions, employees who are trained in both methods of describing business processes and applied information technologies are required. IT consulting specialists, as a rule, have this experience and knowledge of the industry specifics, so their involvement in the project may be justified.

In addition to the above, now, in connection with the transition of many companies to process-oriented management, one of the main directions of development of modern information systems is the application of the concept of service-oriented architecture (services-oriented architecture, SOA). A new element of the SOA idea was the focus on business processes in information technology and the use of solutions that allow you to create distributed systems based on Web services. Therefore, the knowledge and experience of external IT consulting specialists in the design of corporate information systems based on SOA and practice in this matter allows you to build the most effective IT architecture for the customer. And if we talk about saving resources, then within the framework of projects it is often necessary to create many documents and models of business processes "from scratch", so the use of templates, standard documents and models that are used by external consultants saves a lot of effort. The use of an external resource can also solve the issue of lack of competence or the difficulty of retaining IT specialists, which is associated with the task of reducing the cost of information technology through the use of outsourcing.


Evaluation of the effectiveness of the use of information technology
For most companies in Sugar Land IT services and internal IT efficiency is an issue that falls under the control of not only management, but also external auditors. For most large companies, the requirements of the SOX law are now relevant and these requirements more and more affect the activities of IT departments, which tightens the requirements for the internal control system in IT. Most CIOs have already experienced the rigors of external auditing in this area, which forces them to implement a system for managing processes, risks and control procedures.

If we consider the task of building an internal control system without being tied to a specific standard, then its construction is inextricably linked with the methodology for managing processes and operational risks, which requires not only building processes in accordance with ITIL, but also a full-fledged implementation of the risk management process. To improve the activities of the IT department, it is necessary to use the COBIT information technology audit standard and at the same time, one should not forget about the information security requirements described in the ISO 27000 standard.