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Is it safe to Buy Instagram Likes? The Intelligent Investor
Why you should buy likes and followers on Instagram?

Ever since Instagram changed the algorithm for displaying posts (previously they were just displayed one after another, now it depends on the engagement of posts), it has become more difficult for many brands and public figures to increase the number of followers and get more likes. This happened because they cheated likes and subscribers in order to get more popularity, and then income.

Most celebrities now prefer to use Instagram, and even ordinary people for self-branding. Most of them are paid money for advertising posts if the account is promoted. Some public figures even get $18,000 for one promotional post!

The path to success is simple at first glance: build a large audience and make profitable deals with advertisers. However, just a large number of subscribers is of no value, the value of an account lies in the real involved users (likes, reposts, comments, live subscribers), and not bots.

Of course, the change in tactics on Instagram has made it harder for a brand or person to gain popularity, which is why many resort to dirty tactics. One of them is buying them using websites like

Bots and automatic promotion

The main way to increase the number of readers is to buy bots. Bots are accounts that do not belong to living people, but are created automatically using special programs for mass registration.

The programs themselves register millions of addresses on free mail services, with their help they themselves register accounts in social networks and then manage these same accounts.

The services have protection against automatic registrations, the so-called captcha - written in a font with a cipher overlaid on the picture, which you need to enter to prove that you are not a robot. A machine really cannot recognize such text automatically, but ... there is a whole army of people where everyone who wants to and has a computer, free time (for example, schoolchildren) sits and manually recognizes captchas.

Having an idea about all the intricacies of how to buy live followers on Instagram, what effect and results, as well as the mechanisms for cheating followers or likes (mass following and mass liking, respectively), you will use all the advantages of this popular social platform to the maximum for your own purposes.