So, how did Charli Damelio became so popular? Let's start from the very beginning. A really interesting person to talk about.. Let's wait for 2023 to see new content from her


How did Charli Damelio tiktoker became famous? The Intelligent Investor
Millions of dollars and followers: Charli Damelio Onlyfans star

Charlie Damelio biography

Charlie Damelio led a life of a normal teenager, attending a public school and enjoying spending time with friends. She had no idea that her life would soon change drastically and in less than a year she would become an Internet star.

The young student didn't even expect her posting to cause a stir on the web. But in just a couple of hours, the number of followers on her page rose to a thousand and continued to grow. In just a few days, Damelio became a star, whose biography details interested numerous fans. They imitated her dance moves, make-up and even her choice of clothes.

Soon the girl was spotted by American singer Bebe Rex, who invited her to perform at a concert with her and the Jonas Brothers. This brought the dancer even more fans, and her online earnings were boosted by the advertising integration.

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Charlie Damelio now

Already in early 2020, the entire Damelio family signed a contract with talent agency UTA and announced the possible launch of a reality show about their lives. Soon after, the internet star received an invitation to Super Bowl LIV, where she met her idol Jennifer Lopez. The girl admitted that she couldn't hold back her tears.

How Charlie Damelio became popular

Growing up in Connecticut, D'Amelio has been dancing and performing in competitions since she was three, so she has a lot of dance videos.

Her first videos did not fit the TikTok format - at first D'Amelio posted horizontal videos to capture all the dance moves in the frame, but she quickly adapted.Her first popular video was a 'duet' with a user called Move with Joy. The simple video was released in July 2019 and quickly gained 2 million views.

D'Amelio continued to post videos with dancing, and soon she was noticed: in November 2019, singer Bibi Rex invited the girl to perform with her in a warm-up performance before a Jonas Brothers concert.