Models for gamers differ from traditional computer (office) chairs in the following features.


Best white gaming chair The Intelligent Investor
A properly selected gaming chair will allow you to sit comfortably at the computer for hours and provide anatomically correct spine support

Anatomical shape of the back and seat

This is the first key advantage of the gaming chair over simple office models. Thanks to the special shape of the backrest, the anatomically correct position of the body and uniform load on the vertebrae are ensured. This allows you not to be distracted from the game and spend several hours in one position without feeling any discomfort.

High level of customization

Best white gaming chair not only adjusts the height of the seat (like most office models), but also the angle of the backrest, the location of the armrests, the height of the headrest, etc.). This allows you to customize the chair for a user of any height, weight and body characteristics.

Materials with increased resistance to stress.

During virtual battles, the chair experiences various types of loads (including sudden bounces, lateral displacement, back and forth). Good gaming chairs have not only well-thought-out ergonomics (a special shape and inserts in the frame damp loads), but also materials of increased strength.

Type of upholstery

The material must meet increased wear requirements, be breathable and comfortable to the touch. Fine-cut genuine leather copes with the tasks best of all, but it is used in the premium segment models due to its high cost. In the vast majority of cases, gaming chairs are upholstered in eco-leather. This is a high-quality analogue of genuine leather, which is not much different from the original in terms of external, tactile and operational qualities, but it is much cheaper.

When developing chairs for gamers, well-known manufacturers engage orthopedic surgeons, as well as consult with well-known e-sportsmen, who even help test prototypes. Such an integrated approach allows us to guarantee a high level of comfort for the user, as well as care for his health during gaming sessions.

Additional featires of gaming chairs

Among the additional options that are equipped with chairs for gamers, the following "chips" can be distinguished:

lumbar cushion. It is far from always found in basic models, therefore it is considered an additional option. Its purpose is to relieve the load on the lumbar zone.