The Corsair K100 is a good gaming keyboard with laser-powered switches that delivers incredible speed. Here, even the most demanding eSports stars have nothing to complain about.


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Choosing the Best keyboard for programming


Programming is the process of creating computer programs. In the words of one of the founders of programming languages, Niklaus Wirth, "Programs = algorithms + data structures." Programming is based on the use of programming languages ​​in which the source texts of programs are written. 205 BC e. (150 BC) - The Antikythera Mechanism of Ancient Greece was a calculator that used gears of various sizes and configurations to make it track. Read also Best programming keyboard.

The best progamming keyboards of 2022

Which keyboard is better? Although each of the models we have selected has its own characteristics, there are general characteristics that must be met in order for a new proposal to be defined as a good keyboard for gamers.

Such a device must have a solid construction, thanks to which it will not begin to deform during intense gameplay. Affects the reaction time and ergonomic layout of the keys. The backlight is handy after dark, and the ability to program keys or record macros allows you to customize your peripherals to suit your needs. Last but not least is the keyboard stand, which will give your wrist endless pleasure.

Apple Magic Keyboard

This is a whole line of keyboards of different sizes. Long life and quality guaranteed by Apple. There are wired and wireless, with a minimal and complete set of buttons and more. etc. Everyone will be able to choose for themselves their own keyboard from Apple.