Think about how many people you will most often cook for and build on that. The most optimal lattice size is 60-70 cm in length and 50-60 cm in depth with a small error in one direction or another from different manufacturers. This area is optimally designed for 4-6 people.


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What is the Best gas grills under $500 - 2022 review

Gas grills: Working surface area

The larger the grate area, the more functional and versatile the grill. It will be more convenient to cook on it and you can cook more food in one load. This is especially true when you are expecting guests.

The spacious rack allows you to use different temperature zones in the oven and cook with different techniques, such as direct or indirect heat. To create indirect heat, you turn on the rightmost and leftmost burners (do not turn on the central ones), put a large piece of meat or poultry in the middle. The heat will evenly envelop it, which ensures proper cooking for a long time. At the same time, you can also use a special smoking container to enhance the taste of the dish with an interesting aroma.

Or, you can roast a steak directly over the burning burners on one side of the grate while cooking vegetables on the other side at a more moderate temperature.

Napoleon Rogue-625 SE

Napoleon supplies the Rogue-625 SE grill in this class to Russia, which is an enlarged version of the Rogue-525 SE model. The grille of the 625th model is the same, somewhat larger than that of the Broil King Baron 590 - 88x45 cm versus 81x44 cm. It is made of a massive steel bar with a diameter of 7 mm. This grill is for those who cook often and/or a lot.

These probably the best gas grills under 500 look stylish and harmonious. The lid, doors, control panel and tables are made of brushed 304 steel. It is important that the two-layer lid is high, so a chicken on a stand with beer can easily fit under it. The size of the grid allows you to put two or three pieces at once.

On the side tables of the grill, you can place the most necessary for cooking: dishes with ingredients, tools, ready meals. On the left table there is a high-temperature ceramic infrared burner for juicy steaks (we talked about it in detail above). It can also be used to make some kind of magic sauce for meat, which at that moment is baked in a grill oven under a lid, or even pilaf in a cast-iron cauldron.

On the right side table there is a bottle opener, and under it, on the side wall of the grill, there is a tray for spices and seasonings. Both tables have hooks for tools. During cooking, tools are often hurriedly placed on the table. To protect it from dirt and scratches, we recommend purchasing a dishwasher-safe silicone mat.

The rear burner for the skewer is also infrared, but metal.

For lovers of charcoal cooking, Napoleon has a special cast-iron pan that is installed directly on the burners. It converts a gas grill into a charcoal grill. This option is available for almost all Canadian grills. If desired, the pallet can be purchased separately.

The Napoleon Rogue-625 SE grill borrowed the handle lighting from the Prestige series. It is not so glamorous here, but elegant and unobtrusive, it gives the grill a special charm at dusk, it surrounds the round comfortable handles with radiance. The backlight is battery operated.

At the base of the grill is a spacious cabinet with strict doors. A gas cylinder is placed inside and there is also a space in which you can place accessories for the grill.