With front-wheel drive - driving such a bike is much easier. The vehicle feels great on the road, especially in the absence of holes and potholes. It enters the turns neatly, without skidding, even in bad weather. High rates of dynamics and controllability are ensured by a uniform weight load on the wheelbase.


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In the following decades, inventors modified the bicycle prototype by adding details well-known today: spoked wheels, a chain system, rubber tires, a braking system. At some point, the market leaders were the so-called "penny-farthings" - bicycles with a large front wheel like shown here https://digitalflip.co/gadgets/Best_electric_bike_under_2000/.

At the same time, the history of motorcycle construction began. The past of the e-bike and motorcycle is closely related - it is rooted in the need to automate the movement of a bicycle. The first patents for internal combustion engines were registered in the second half of the 19th century - the prototypes of the future motorcycle then used steam engines.

Invention of the electric bicycle

Meanwhile, in 1886, Frank Julian Sprague develops the first working electric motor. Based on it, he creates the first electric trolley and electric elevator system.Just as little information has been preserved about an electric bike with four massive-looking power supplies. It was demonstrated at the Stanley Show in 1897. It is claimed that the bike was designed by the British company Humber.

The Second World War temporarily stopped the development of the industry. But at the same time, the fuel crisis has sparked increased interest in electric vehicles as an alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles. During this crisis, inventor Argyris Stefanos filed a patent that made a notable improvement to the existing technology: twin batteries were placed on either side of the rear wheel to improve lateral balance.

Another important milestone in the history of all bicycles, which also affects the development of electric bicycles, is the development of the derailleur by Italian cyclist Tullio Campagnolo. He presented the invention at the Milan Exhibition in 1949. Prototypes of the device had been developed since the early 1900s, but they were too complex and inefficient.

Asian miracle

Interest in electric drives waned soon after the end of the fuel crisis, and for 30 years e-bikes remained in the shadows.

Everything has changed, with the involvement of Japanese technology in this area. In 1970, Panasonic released its first electric bike. The founder of the company personally presented this model. It was followed by several more developments, but they never became serial. The problem was that the batteries were too heavy. Before the next breakthrough had to wait almost 20 years.

An important milestone for the development of electric bicycles was that the Chinese authorities paid attention to it. This happened back in the 1960s, and already in the 70s an order was received for the first batch of electric bicycles - outwardly they looked like French electric bikes.

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